Environmental Engineering Services

Environmental Engineering Services | Science Engineering of TexasRecent environmental laws require that prospective owners of properties conduct a reasonable and appropriate inquiry into the property, its past users, and the associated environmental liabilities. Failure to recognize environmental problems at the site can result in significant financial liabilities to the purchaser or the seller.

Science Engineering, Inc. is proving Environmental Site Reconnaissance (SR) studies to the Golden Triangle and Greater Houston areas. Basically our services include the following:

A. Documentation searches and review.
B. Communications with regulatory agencies.
C. Aerial photograph review.
D. Soil borings and monitor well installations.
E. Soil and groundwater sampling.
F. Physical and chemical testing of soil and groundwater samples.
G. Fault studies.

Science Engineering, Inc. combines its depth of experience with the latest in Environmental, Geo-technical, Materials Engineering and computer techniques to provide information necessary for the project under consideration. Our professional staff of engineers has intimate knowledge of the expanding technology, its uses and its limitations.